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AdvertisingDisplay Rental

Dimensions: 32"
Resolution: 1920*1080 RGB

Brightness: 300 Nits

Footprint: 708,4 X 405,4 X 65mm

Connections: 4G/Ethernet/


Format: horizontal, vertical, multi-screen

Remote content management: Yes

With our advertising display rental service, we take the load off your marketing. You don't have to worry about a thing: just send us your content, photos, and videos, and we'll take care of the rest. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that your advertisement will be presented in a compelling and professional manner, capturing the attention of your target audience. Simple, cost-effective, and stress-free - let us handle your advertising while you focus on your business.

How it works

Study of customized solutions.


The client shares the advertising files with our team and we take care of the rest. We will manage the programs remotely.


We ship the displays with the configuration chosen by the customer.


The customer chooses the rental conditions best suited to his business.


We manage all content remotely


Events and trade fairs

Retail stores and shopping centers

Restaurants and bars

Hotels and accommodation facilities

Companies and offices

Art and cultural institutes

Estate agents

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